First Things First

The first two crafts I’m going to be trying out are somewhat wedding related. I present to you…


Images via: Anthropologie // Hautelook

The Infinity Dress is immensely popular as bridesmaid attire due to the flexibility, making it suitable to a wide variety of body types. This might be the solution I’ve been looking for for my own bridesmaids (more on that later). However, I am a budget bride and I can’t justify spending that amount of money on a dress that they will most likely never wear again! Especially when looking at how these dresses are constructed, it is such a simple and easy design. So my first project will be to make this dress for myself so that I can see in real life if it will be practical enough for my bridesmaids! If it works out well, this will also be the dress I will wear to the brunch we’re having the morning after the wedding! Two birds with one stone. 🙂

These glitter shoes are beautiful, and also way out of my budget. I have literally been looking for shoes for my wedding for more than a year, without any success. I’m just too picky. So the next logical step is to DIY it to my liking!

I will be tackling these projects during this week, so keep a close blog for the final results!




Why Hello There!

Like a million other users, I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest. I think it is such a useful website and I have so many things pinned that I would like to try at some point in time. But it is absolutely habit-forming! My fiance makes so much fun of me for always being on there!

The problem with Pinterest is that it gives me so many ideas, and I have many boards with things I would like to try at some point, but I never actually get round to doing them. I’m sure this is something many people can relate with! It’s so easy to pin something, and you really do think that you will use it at some point, but it never really happens, does it?

The same goes for ideas I get in day to day life. I’m a very creative and crafty person, and I try out some of these ideas. However, the problem here is I tend to sensor myself and abandon projects midway through. 

This situation inspired me to start up this blog. From now on, I will actually start trying out those pins and stopping the personal censorship. I will post pictures of all the DIY projects I tackle from now on out (no matter what the outcome) and where possible, I will include step-by-step instructions and tips!

So feel free to follow right along with this crazy ride! 🙂